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As a professional in the best company

From the first product idea to the sales pitch – anyone who knows a lot and has gained a wealth of experience is not looking for "any job". At Analytik Jena you will find an innovative environment and an interdisciplinary culture of experts.

As an experienced specialist or manager, you will make your own contribution to strengthening the market leadership of a globally operating provider of analytical measurement technology. Together, we are constantly developing our products and services, which customers in more than 120 countries trust.

The continuous growth of Analytik Jena is due to people who contribute their ideas, know-how and commitment to our company – people like you.

What our employees say

"Everyone has their own special knowledge"

"lenjoy the interdisciplinary work and the special exchange with chemists and physicists.Everyone has their ownspecial knowledge and wherel reach my limits, someone else takes over. This is how great solutions are created!"

Alexander Maaz,Group Leader Electronics

"Proud of the history of our devices"

"At Analytik Jena, we have an obligation to dojustice to the brilliant scientists such asZeiss and Abbe with our workand our equipment.On the one hand, this is a reminder, but it also makes us incredibly proud."

Stefan Rudolf, customer advisor in the field

"Halfway around the world once a day"

"What is special is the variety and variety in my job.For order processing,l travel virtually halfway around the worldevery day and talk to ourinternational colleagues and distributors in Thailand or Japan, among others."

Nadine Neugardt, Specialist Order Handling

We want to get to know you! Have we aroused your interest? Then convince us! We look forward to seeing you.


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